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Congratulations to Kristi Dina, SBAI's Teacher of the Year, and Jim Lefeber, SBAI's School Bell Award winner!

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Elementary (SBAI at TWE):

March 9, 2020

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Secondary (SBAI at SFMS/SHS):

March 9, 2020

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Office Hours

7:15AM - 3:30PM

School Hours

Elementary 7:50AM-3:00PM
Middle School 8:20AM-3:35PM
High School 7:45AM-3:00PM


Patricia Kassir

Asst. Director

Jim Lefeber
713.251.2219 - Lynnda Butorka, Admin. Asst.
713.251.3466 - Jim Lefeber, Asst. Director
713.251.2277 - Patricia Kassir, Director