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Character Without Question 2021 secondary recipient

Congratulations to 8th grader Sophie Sagastume, Secondary Character Without Question recipient from Spring Branch Academic Institute!

Every year, SBISD honors students district-wide who reflect a depth of character and a caring for human beings. Students are selected for demonstrating an enduring commitment to any or all of the following character traits: honesty/integrity, responsibility/dependability, respect, perseverance/effort, courage, caring/kindness, and citizenship/civic virtue.

Sophie’s counselor, Kayman McIver, wrote, “Throughout the remote learning experience, Sophie has sought to keep her teachers and friends connected. She has given peer advisory lessons and created a show-and-tell activity tied to their ELA class that now occurs every week. Students feel as though their home and school are more closely tied than ever. 

Sophie has a heightened sense of justice eager to impact the world and her friends in a positive way. Sophie is always eager to recognize others' accomplishments. She hosted a kindness competition on campus and recognized students who were caught being kind to others. Sophie is the most inclusive student we have. She looks for the positive characteristics in her peers and acknowledges them. She reaches out to teachers to show her appreciation and her kindness extends to everyone she encounters.” Sophie was selected for her commitment to being kind, courageous, and persevering.

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