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Character Without Question 2021 elementary recipient

Congratulations to 5th grader Evan Ung, elementary Character Without Question recipient from Spring Branch Academic Institute!  

Every year, SBISD honors students district-wide who reflect a depth of character and a caring for human beings. Students are selected for demonstrating an enduring commitment to any or all of the following character traits: honesty/integrity, responsibility/dependability, respect, perseverance/effort, courage, caring/kindness, and citizenship/civic virtue.

Evan’s counselor, Kayman McIver, wrote, “Evan has consistently been a leader among peers and a helper to our youngest students. He always gives his best effort and is gracious when technology doesn't work or things do not go as planned. Evan is a delightful student that strives to learn more and work harder. During the science fair, his project kept encountering difficulties and he continued to think of alternative ways to complete it. 

Fellow students describe Evan as caring because he is always willing to help. He jumps in and ensures that others are included and he does a great job of making people feel better when they are down. Evan is the student that teachers look to when they need something done. He is always willing to take on an extra task or to help a fellow student.” Evan was selected for his commitment to persevering, being kind, and being dependable.

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